Rapiscan Project

In partnership with Rapiscan Systems, our group is developing machine vision algorithms for the automated analysis of X-ray imagery of cargo containers, luggage, and individuals.

Project Updates

- 29.07.2016: Our paper [PDF] on the use of advanced Threat Image Projection (TIP) for training humans and machines (i.e. dealing with the data bottleneck for Machine Learning) was accepted for presentation at ICCST 2016.

- 17.04.2016: A summary of our work was presented at the SPIE Defense + Security 2016 conference in Baltimore (USA). The paper can be found here and is archived as a PDF here.

- 07.03.2016: Thomas Rogers was awarded the silver award in the engineering category at the Set For Britain 2016 event for his poster entitled "Streamlining Cargo Inspection using X-ray Vision". A PDF copy can be downloaded here.

- 26.11.2015: Our group attended the inaugural "Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium" hosted by Cranfield University. Nicolas Jaccard was awarded the best technical paper prize for his talk entitled "Using deep learning on X-ray images to detect threats" [PDF] while Thomas Rogers came in second at the 3 minutes thesis competition with a presentation entitled "Confirming that Cargo Containers Really are Empty from X-Ray Images".

Project Publications

Andrews J.T.A., Jaccard N., Rogers T.W., and Griffin L.D. Representation-learning for anomaly detection in complex x-ray cargo imagery. SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing 2017, Anaheim, USA, 2017 [PDF]

Rogers T.W., Jaccard N., Griffin L.D. A deep learning framework for the automated inspection of complex dual-energy x-ray cargo imagery. SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing 2017, Anaheim, USA, 2017 [PDF]

Andrews J. T. A., Jaccard N., Rogers T. W., Tannay T., and Griffin, L. D. Anomaly Detection for Security Imaging. 2nd Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium, Cranfield University, 2016

Rogers T. W., Jaccard N., Protonotarios E. D., Ollier J., Morton, E. J., and Griffin, L. D. Threat Image Projection (TIP) into X-ray images of cargo containers for training humans and machines. IEEE International Carnahan Conference On Security Technology, Orlando, USA, 2016

Andrews, J. T. A., Morton, E. J., and Griffin, L. D. Transfer Representation-Learning for Anomaly Detection. International Conference on Machine Learning Anomaly Detection Workshop, New York City, USA, 2016

Jaccard N., Rogers T.W., Morton E.J., Griffin L.D. Tackling the x-ray cargo inspection challenge using machine learning. SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing 2016, Baltimore, USA, 2016 [PDF]

Andrews, J. T. A., Morton, E. J., and Griffin, L. D. Detecting Anomalous Data Using Auto-Encoders. International Journal of Machine Learning and Computing 2016, Hong Kong, 2016

Jaccard N, Rogers T.W., Morton E.J., Griffin L.D. Using deep learning on X-ray images to detect threats. 1st Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium, Cranfield University, 2015

Rogers T. W., Jaccard N., Morton E. J., and Griffin L. D. Detection of cargo container loads from X-ray images. 2nd IET International Conference on Intelligent Signal Processing, London, 2015

Boyd T., and Griffin L. D. Labelling images without classifiers. In Proceedings of 7th York Doctoral Symposium, York, 2014

Jaccard N., Rogers T. W., and Griffin L. D. Automated detection of cars in transmission X-ray images of freight containers. 11th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal-based Surveillance, 2nd Workshop on Vehicle Retrieval in Surveillance, Seoul, South Korea, 2014

Rogers T. W., Ollier J., Morton E. J., and Griffin L. D. Reduction of Wobble Artefacts in Images From Mobile Transmission X-ray Vehicle Scanners. IEEE International Conference on Imaging Systems and Techniques, 2014

All Griffin Lab publications

Relevant Conferences

13th SPIE Security + Defence Conference. Edinburgh, UK, 26th–29th September 2016

4th IMA Conference on Mathematics in Defence. Satellite Applications Catapult, Harwell Oxford, UK, 26th November 2015

9th International Crime Science Conference. British Library, London, UK, 16th July 2015

Other Links

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